Yeee haw

by Nomad on June 28, 2011

I went through a Time Warp Portal and Found myself as a Cowboy on Horse in Costa Rica.

Just along the coast in the Province of Punta Reyas (Kings Point)  I found a very nice destination.  With great thanks from my Friends at Lime Coral (Click the link to see some of their awesome gear).  My Friend and I were on a galloping on horseback through the jungle,  over creeks in the forest, then to the beach. This made for an awesome and fun filled day.


This was my horse Malbordo, still not sure what than name means?  He was a well trained horse, very easy to ride.


Through the Jungle,  this was a great feeling to go through the woods.  Costa Rica has endless amount of protected Jungle, and Beautiful Landscapes.


Great times.

Here Malbordo wanted to Jump the Fence. I don’t blame him.


Channeling My Inner Cowboy. When I get back home I going on a Trail Ride Down in Louisiana.



Yee Haw, Cowgirl.


I like the Dark Sand Beach.


I cant wait until my Cousins Britanny & Jordan are ready to roll with me!


Riding off In the Sunset.

No Words to describe this experience. Actually there is PURA VIDA

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