Big Foot Spotted in Napa Valley?

by Nomad on October 25, 2011

Road to Napa

Whitehall Vineyards

Great weather in Napa Valley,  on a mission to soak in the Hot Springs.  As I stop by the ATM to get some cash, Wells Fargo has a line, so rather than scare the rich people getting money I take a look in the Wine Store next door.

Groenzinger Wine Merchants

Greeted by scraggly hair’d Cali dude I explain that I want to pick up a Cab or Pinot for my hot springs day trip.  Rather than talking about the wine, he turns up the Greatful Dead playing and asks, Bro where you from? (In a WTF, type of tone as I if Im lost)  Maybe my swag was noticeable cool yet a bit outta place for Napa.  I can create my own vibes anywhere.  I say I’m from Louisiana,  “No Shit” turns out the shop owner is also from Louisiana.  He pulls out a bottle and explains that this is good and reasonable,  he says hold on we going to drink some of this. As he closes his eyes and does and Air Guitar to Greatful Dead,  while I look around I notice California style of the shop.  Quite different form the rest of the Wine Bistro’s in the area.  I dig their style.  Well it would be rude of me to turn down a tasting.  He says bro I’m hung over like a mudafuga.  You know how it is when the chick is holding out all night then she gives in around 4am.  Your happy to close the deal but then you realize that your day is now wrecked because you can’t sleep. I say hey no sympathy from me.  I’m in the Rock Star Program myself.

Cheers to that.  So then I start to ask about wine and he gives me some good and funny explanations. 3/4′s of a bottle and 30 min later a couple comes in and parades around.  Cali dude doesn’t really acknowledge them as he’s all into my story how I had a loud ubxinios dinner at the fancy restaurant days earlier, up the street. Napa Vino Dinner 1

Napa Vino Dinner

I say I can wait while you help them,  he says their good then goes “opps, your cup is full again”, not even the standard Wine Pour.  The older couple asks question as the were looking for something for their discerning palate.

This Wine is the Shizznit

The wife seems to be interested in in my story,  heard them say something about Canada, I ask where do you hail from,  Calgary she replies with a wink?  I think oh that was odd.

This wine make you horny

So I tell them how I have been to 7 Canadian provinces.  They say wow I haven’t been to that many.  She goes on to explain how they live in Calgary.  I tell her how I love The Canadian Rockies and I have been all thru Alberta.  I explained how many times I have set off the Red Mile before and after Calgary Flames games. They are quite surprised that I know so much about their city.  As I suggest one of my fav Pizza Places Wicked Wedge.  I tell them of my trip thru the Ice Feilds Parkway.  I told them I felt like The Yeti when I was there.  People hadn’t seen a character like me so I was an oddity.  She says but The Yeti is all snowed covered and white? Well the looks on peoples face to see me laughing it up in Fairmont Banff Springs, you would think I was the Yeti.  Well a Chocolate Yeti!  Cali dude loses it and just about sprays wine out of his nose from lol so damn hard.  I have the couple lol really hard also.  I was like hold up fuggers, it wasn’t that funny. Then Cali dude turns up the Greatful Dead a lil more as he opens another bottle.

The lady goes on to explain how they are Dr’s up in Calgary and here is her card and I should pay a visit if I make it back up there.  I tell them be serious, I will be in Banff in a few weeks. They so no shit, you have to call us and help drink some of this pricey wine were shipping home.

Let me go to the damn ATM.

Get my cash then back to pick up my bottle, thinking to myself I have 3 bottles in the room and luggage is at 49.5 lbs?

Gona have to drink it up tonight.  The Chocolate Yeti says Duces!


Vino in the Tub

Calistoga Hot Springs

Golden Hot Springs

Hit the hot Springs then late dinner with my co-worker.  Just as my co worker is saying that our other co-worker was telling him that I may not like Napa because it snooty couples and no night clubs and all, basically not my style. Tha Seasoned Traveler is a chameleon and makes just about any place his style. While I’m telling him I’m having a blast in Napa.  Almost in mid sentence I get attacked be this older lady yelling “The Chocolate Yeti”,  In a nice Classy Napa Restaurant that is really quite and candle lit.  she is clearly wasted and makes a huge scene as the whole restaurant is trying to figure out whats going on.

My co worker is looking like WTF? I’m lol so hard I can’t explain fast enough.

Co-worker is like dude wtf is going on, how do you know people in Napa, and what is that lady talking about that is just about the most racist thing I have every heard. Let me Explain???  I say to the husband what are y’all going to get into he says some of that (see monthly news letter)

There goes Part 1 of the Story of the Chocolate Yeti!

This one you have to choose your Mortgage or the this bottle.



Damn My head is big

Hot Air Balloons

View From My room at Banff Springs

Ice Feild Parkway

Chocolate Yeti With the Ice Princess and the Red Baron

Whitehall Vineyards

Whitehall Vineyards

This lady was really cool.

Something about this guy, I didnt trust and their vino was smelly?

They let me tap the Vats

You can buy all of these right now!

Toasting to the Good Life

Toasting to the Good Life

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