Looking @ California, Lake Tahoe Edition

by Nomad on December 1, 2012

Right now I’m feeling blessed to be kicking the sand on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  What a beautiful place this is.  Let me tell you a little story about the dinner I had the other night;

Lake Tahoe

What an interesting night,  so I walk I to the pier to have dinner a this nice restaurant that is on Lake Tahoe,  night is a bit cloudy but as I stepped out the Full moon broke thru the clouds over the Mountains, I give a lil nod to my girl Mother Nature.  The air is crisp but nice and inviting over the lake.

So I walk into the restaurant as I enter the dining room there a silver haired guy playing the guitar and singing.  Nice vibes.  He is singin ” On the dock of the bay” I’m thinking cool we are in the pier, dock of the bay there u go.  Then he plays “on the road again” by Willie Nelson I’m starting to think this dude is reading my mind. Then he plays Hotel California,  this song always gets to me because its a been a few times where I have felt like the lyrics in the song ” you can check out, but you can never leave” .  So I’m saying well coincidence, were on the dock, in California ok,  then he plays a song called Down on Cripple Creek, I never heard  before but the lyrics go,  ” when I come off this Mountian I’m gona head to the Mississippi River and go to Lake Charles Louisiana.  I almost spit my wine out because, ok we are on a Mountian and Louisiana, but Lake Charles, thats my hometown….  Wow.
It’s good to not only see the roses but stop and smell em, sometimes!
Take a look at this vid to see what else I found in Tahoe.

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