Escape to the Caribbean

by Nomad on February 20, 2011

At home feeling the Blues,  I’m bored the few people I know in my home town too busy to catch up.  Trabajar is tripping…….?  Decided to try my hand at some Vacation Roulette,  web search where can I find a flight for cheap to somewhere cool?  AirfareWatchdog answered my prayers.  They have and option chose your Departure City Destination Anywhere (Perfect Choice for Vacation Roulette).  I found a cheap fare to Trinidad leaving the next day.  Made some calls to some Trini’s I know, booked the Flight…… Gone!


Arrived, Taxi to my hotel.  I love to pull info out of Taxi Drivers,  found out my hotel is in a good Central Location,  and Sunday Panorama is a Big Fest In a Park Near me!  I asked about the beach and seems like it will be hard to get to the beaches, but of course Its a Must I Swim!


My Version is way better, Sorry Jules.



I Like Pretty Money


Why Am I so Comfortable here?


Doubles are a Veggie Delight, Indian Cuisine and I really like them.

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