Flying on the Wings

by Nomad on April 17, 2013

It is so funny how I am able to find the Irony in things.

So rather than having to push someone off the building (because I’m not jumping), decided to prepare for a trip to Find Paradise.

Then I’m stopped in my tracks as I realize my Passport only has 3 places left for stamps.  Oh no some countries will not allow you entry with less than two pages.  So I was looking for a way do a quick turn around for adding pages.  I feel like I should get a some kinda of a badge or trophy for finishing my Passport Book :-)  Hence the Name of the Website… I’m Just Saying.

So perfect that there is a passport office in Dallas about 3 blocks form my hotel. Thats great because if you havent been to Dallas keep in mind it could take you 2 days to drive from one part of DFW area to the other.

So you only visit the passport office by appointment if you have evidence of a departure that is less that 2 weeks away.  Passport Office Appointments

I have 3 days so lets be snappy.

The lady says Sir why don’t you get a new passport,  :-(  I like my Old Model Passport, with no chip).


Kinda took a piece away from me and broke my heart when they stamped it with holes no longer for use :-(

So I need to work on filling up the new one with adventures. I am up for this challenge.

So this is where this story starts -

On the way back from the Passport, I notice a park next to my Hotel, the Fabulous Joule Dallas

This is the park that is within the same view of my room.  Even with unusually cold weather I stopped to take in the park, and noticed a large stone block with an inscription about the park.  This park is dedicated to Pegasus which is also the avatar of the city of Dallas.


Story of Pegasus

Where ever Pegasus, (a winged horse created by Medusa) would touch the ground Nine Muses would bring creativity, celebration and a Spring Water Well would appear in that spot.

Back in High School, I remember protesting European Literature  Class because I wanted to read more worldly peices.  My teacher who became one of my favorite instructors and a friend,  (Mr. Ed Webbely) explained to me that weather I like it or not it would be powerful to intelligently argue my points.  I agreed and took the course and grew to enjoy Beowulf, Illiad and the Oddessy as well as many other great readings.

I found this story of Pegasus interesting as I thought about flying and how much time I spend in the air. I love a life in the clouds.  At some point I should try to calculate the hours.

Hi Life

I also noticed that this is the same view I see looking down from my guest room. I enjoyed the view of the city and the park but found that I enjoyed it even more after knowing the signifance.


My Room 2nd down from the left, right between these columns.

As I started to take photos of the park something even more ironic happened, by mistake the iPhone camera was facing me rather than what I was trying to take a photo of.  When I notice the shirt I was wearing low and behold I’m wearing a shirt with wings.  I had to laugh at this, an on looker glanced as if I was a mad man.  I found it so funny that it was like myself and my day was all tied into this park.


Take a look at my photos and remember to stop and consider your surroundings.


An Eternal Spring


I like and use Crystals



Just some Vino,  Pinot Noir is my fav


Join Me!

Thank you for reading about my Journey.  Please leave comments and click on the links to see some of the things I spoke about.

tha seasoned traveler (ankh)

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Tony April 23, 2013 at 11:25 pm

After meeting Damon, I just thought he was just like any ordinary man (will stick my neck out and say black man). but it felt good to have a brother in charge of the training. But just talking to him i realised a lot of things that we share. Time and money are the only constraints. I now follow his posts and wish to find out where you are next.

Nomad April 25, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Tony thanx, when you told me you were from Zimbabwe. I was so curious to find out if you went to the Independence concert where Bob Marley preformed. That is so cool you were there. It was great to meet and work with you also.

Ted February 13, 2014 at 12:54 pm

A full passport = a full life. Very envious of a passport with no more space – looking to have one of my own very soon. Great to meet you and looking forward to following your travels on the blog.

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