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by Nomad on February 15, 2011

Up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains there is a small Hamlet know as Banff, Alberta Canada.  Early in my travels when I would look at the map on the last page of the In Flight Magazines I would look and dream about the destinations.  Always curious about the odd name Banff? How do you pronounce that place and whats there? Bow Valley, Banff Alberta Canada Well I came to find that I Absolutely Love Canada! So many Great cities and People?  I found Banff about a 2 hour Scenic Drive from Calgary, actually the scenery really starts as you near the town of Canmore.  I have been lucky to have some great times there Banff,  I’m not sure if its Canadians love for me and Foreign Travelers or my uncanny resemblance t a CFL ( Canadian Football League) Player, and Grey Cup Winner.  I think I look nothing like this dude at all, Marvin “Big Daddy” Pope, but they are a bit short on Bro’s on Alberta so I guess we look a like. Plus I have been called “Big Daddy” before?  All over town people thought I was actually this guy,  from drunks at the bar Cheering to me and buying drinks, mindless rambling about the Grey Cup (which at the time I had no idea is they CFL version of the Super Bowl), free entry in night clubs, VIP status.  This was so funny to me, the other Canadians I was with were in astonishment that I knew people in Canada and I was so popular, lol.  I need to plan some more trips to Alberta!

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Springs Hotel

I love this Hotel.   When I get Married ( A Day That My Mother Reminds Me Of, my parents threaten me with Mail Order Brides) this will be a place I want to share along with a long list of other destinations.  This hotel was built by  Canadian Pacific Railway in 1888.  Banff makes for a great Winter Adventure. I have many great stories and of trips here and fun times.

Banff, Alberta Canada

Stay tuned for more in Part II

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Nikks March 26, 2012 at 9:11 am

Alberta is absolutely gorgeous! I love that we have the gorgeous plains and majestic mountains not too far away.

We definitely lack Brothas! Some of you need to move here lol. Help us. Lol.

Nomad April 17, 2013 at 12:40 pm

I always see you comment from awhile back. I dig your blog.

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