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It is Truly a Small World and I’m Happy To Be Witness of this Path I’m On.

A Crazy change of events, allows to dance to one of my favorite songs Live in San Diego California.

My day started at 3am with a wake up call about Corporate Cotton that needed to be sowed, yeah 3am Cotton Pickin. Only took me a few minutes to resolve, but rather than going back to sleep I decided stay up so that I could stack bails while its quite.
The day stretched out to be  13 hours of great Cotton Pickin fun. Thank goodness for Hotels that have black out curtains. I knocked out for a bit then woke up and remembered it was Thirsty Thursday and coming to an end of my stay in SoCal.


After checking with The Force to feel out whats going on in the area I only come up with Someone Spinning Reggae at a Sushi Restaurant thats in an area surrounded by Mexican restaurants. Lets give it a try. After experiencing real Sushi and Japanese food in Japan I really have to laugh when people tell how good sushi is. The musical vibes were great I couldn’t believe the Dj dropped some major tunes. I had to leave because the vibes and the attitude I got from bartender were just sour! Rather than act crazy I just left with the hopes of finding something nice to do for the night.


This is how “OB” Ocean Beach looks during the day.


Well I figured I would head over to Ocean Beach “OB” to check out the scene there. I found a nice parking place but there were a few bar hounds in the way that I had to blow the horn to get them to move. Thinking great now they are gonna want to scratch up my car. Thank goodness its a rental. As I get I’m thinking what are so many people doing out side of this bar anyway, there was a descent crowd. I look at the small chalk board sign that reads ReBirth Brass Band 9pm to Close. I laugh and say yeah Rebirth who is stealing that bands name. Then I see a dude come out of the place with Big Who Dat Shirt on.


I’m like it cant be…. Sure enough $17 bucks, and I go straight to the dance floor!!! Mind you this is one of my all time favorite band from my home state that I love to watch play. They have one of the best live shows I have seen and they are always good.




This photo captured something?

So I hit the dance floor and find a set of honeys that were down to dance it. Now the type of SoCal moves they had I really could not understand and I think I caught a few elbows. Either way I found what I was ironically looking for. Its really a small world.

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