Prequel to Northern Lights n Missed Flights

by Nomad on April 13, 2012

Northern Lights and Missed Flights is  a story of my last few travels. Here is a short vid for you to take a look at, enjoy!

Home for the Rodeo in Houston TX, all the years I have been in and out of Houston I never made it to the Rodeo until 2012. This vid kicks off with me in front a Ferris Wheel. Shout out to my friend Steph for showing me the Rodeo.

Middle of No Where Minnesota is actually Walker, Minnesota 3 hours north of Minneapolis.  I no longer have to wonder why Minnesota is know as the land of 10,000 Lakes.  Walker is surrounded by lakes and seems a nice getaway for Minnesotans  (I always wanted to say that, ever since Jessie the Body Ventura became the Governor of Minnesota).  If you ever saw the movie Fargo, people talk just like that around those parts.  I stayed at a place with a name similar to the Auroura Borealis, and I always wanted to see them, I was actually able to see them once in Canada. This trip was just snow more snow and cold weather.  On my last day with a 3 hour drive to Minneapolis I had to rush all the way there.  As I was driving I was trying to figure out why there were so many people 0n the road?  Then I realized it was Friday afternoon when all the normal people who commute were causing a traffic jam.  I was getting to the airport as my flight was taking off.  Stuck in Minneapolis for a night, I was not excited about this.

A quick layover in Atlanta (enough time to catch up with my peoples for some quality bar time and lounging) then it was off to Miami.  I planned on getting in early on Sunday so I could enjoy the beach.  Made it to the beach in record time,  Landed at 9am on the beach before Noon.  After about an hour I was knocked out sleep on the beach.  I woke up it was 3pm?

I was able to catch up with some of my crew from the Nomadness Travel Tribe who were also in Miami.

Off to DC in time to see the Cherry Blossoms early sprouting this year.

Then off to Washington State,  the North West is one of my fav parts of the country.  I was blessed to have a great trip.

Thank You to the North West Native Tribes, for allowing me to see the beauty of their surrounding areas.

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