The Last Thing I Remember

by Nomad on May 23, 2011

After that last shot and the room starts to spin, I realize I’m still good but if I keep this up it can get bad!

I could end up like this guy.
Finished, and Not Winning

So lets go ahead and shutdown this party. Not a bad night as I’m walking out of the club thinking I should bottle (to throw beer bottle) this dj.

Doing it up in Vegas

Da Club

When I get outside it is full on bright sunny day light. Seriously, Am I getting too old for this? Laughing nawwww, Damn you Las Vegas.

Looking Great round 5am

The Too Seasoned Traveler, lol

So as I stumble back to hotel thinking, just how fun was this… really? I need to feel something real. Like an Ocean Breeze. I was sure I had pressed the right button in the elevator but as I walked to my room something seemed a bit different, the same but different. Almost like this whole floor was smiling not just the people but the walls the plants, the ice machine. I know it seems odd, scratching my head? It was as if I was in an alternate universe, that seemed to keep expanding. Things were happening as I thought about them. If I was thinking about water, someone would walk by in a T-shirt that had a wave on it, If I felt hungry, a fruit would drop from a tree, Think about a friend they would text me or I would see something that says their name. Thinking wow, now I wonder if I visualize and think about what I want, will it come to me? Lets try this, I want get back to my Love Affair with Mother Nature, feel some real life. Where can I go? As Im trying to concentrate on my visualization my phone falls off the coffee table buzzing from a text and breaks my concentration. Who is this texting me at 8:30am, yeah still wearing the clothes I went out in last night. Some people are just getting up starting their day. Let me make some tea before I look at this phone. Tea is steaming hot. I love the fresh loose tea. As I cool off the tea and look at the phone, the message reads “My friends bailed on me for this Trip to Costa Rica, Do you want to come”. As I’m trying to text back as fast as I can to say “Yes Yes, I’m In, … Send” I fatfingered the text to come out to say “Im Zen” lol. Text back laughing slow down, and retype.
Costa Rica would be awesome that would be country 20. Starting to think about what a nice trip that would be, while starring into my tea cup. The hot water starts to spin? The more I look at it the faster it spins then as I try to take a sip, ai mucho caliente. The cup spins faster, then the coffee table, the whole room is spinning now.  Saying to myself, I stopped drinking at least an hour ago.  The more the room spins then turns into some kinda worm hole and seems to suck me into the coffee cup like a spinning vortex?  Yeah WTF?

Once I notice where I’m at, I realize I’m underwater getting tossed around by waves?  Ok come up for air!

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