Spilling Drinks on All of Y’all at the Mardi Gras

by Nomad on February 21, 2012

I know Tha Seasoned Traveler has been MIA,  yeah I passed thru Miami but I mean Missing in Action.  Thats because I have been busy creating Action.  Don’t believe me well I have some evidence.

I left off just before my trip to Costa Rica and Panama at Xmas 2011.  I had a great and amazing time but that is a different story that you will be seeing soon enough.

I have created a Video for my friends from my most recent trip down to NOLA aka New Orleans Louisiana.  Just have to say I Love My State, and I’m Proud of Where I’m From!

This vid is a quick run thru of the few pics that I CAN post.  There is a whole different set to be posted when I’m gone.  So this is about small piece for you to imagine just how fun the last trip was. There are a few people out there that have more info but they have been instructed to only take bribes that are enticing.

Love You All,  Please continue to join me on my Adventures across this Wonderful Planet.

Cant Wait for the Real Deal ZULU Parade on Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday!

Bubble Gurl

So You Like this shirt?  Ladies, Whoever has the best or funniest story about Tha Seasoned Traveler, its yours! Some of you we haven’t met in person so if you have good story you make up that counts.  Drop it as a comment on this post.  Tha only catch is you have to send back of pic of you wearing it.  Let me know.

tha seasoned traveler 6 copy

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