Steps of a Seasoned Traveler

by Nomad on May 5, 2011

In my suite case there is only room for two shoes and a pair of flip flops.  I need to have a work shoe that can double as a jiggy club shoe on the evenings and weekends. Then a pair of sneakers or trainers (interruption for my UK friends) that I can run around with, I like Adidas like Run DMC.

Rev Run

Rev Run of Run DMC live in Las Vegas – Its Like That.

With me being the frugal shopper nowadays I never go for the flashy.  I have had the same pair of Clarks Boots for almost two years now that I wear pretty much every day?  Surprisingly enough I wore those boots out.  One day I stepped in a puddle and my feet got wet, socks and all.  I look at the bottom of the boot and there is hugh crack in the bottom all the way through?

Broke Down

It was time to retire these babies.  Looking around to find something fashionable that can fit my on the go style I wanted to stick with some Clarks.  After looking on their website for some new styles I forgot about the lifetime guarantee?  I wonder if that applies?  So I called and they had Excellent Customer Service.  They asked if I send in the old shoes and choose what I want online they will send the new pair out to me?  I didn’t believe it until they came in.  Bad news is I had to dust off some old shoes for a trip to Mississippi.  My feet were hurting from those old shoes :-( .

The new pair arrived and we very light and comfy.


New Shoes

Big Ups to Clarks for having great Customer Service and living up to their Life Time Guarantee.

Check out this song by Vybez Kartel – Dancehall Reggae Artist

tha seasoned traveler 6 copy

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