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by Nomad on April 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday – then with the President & Prime Minister Brothers in Tucson – Friday Work – Ziggy Marley Show in Phoenix with K-Rock and the Natives on the Res – Back to Tucson to Shut down the bars and hang with Prez & Prime Minister and some crazy Tatu Babes. Good Azz Tacos – Sat. Wake up and Fly Home Thru Phoenix ( dang I was in Phoenix last night?!?) Home for 19 hours to do it all over again?!? Guess where I’m headin on Sunday? This is just the ending of March Madness??? Imagine the craziness you will get to hear about on http://Thaseasonedtraveler.com March Madness – Dropping Next Week!!!

Plus here are some other side bits about this weekend. – I danced with what was the probally the Hottest Set of Twins I have ever seen in Person. Dang shoulda snapped a pic. – Tucson is in Mexico – How many of those screaming Marley Fans are those same angry Republican down in AZ? – My Salsa Needs Work fast!! Babes at the Salsa Clubs love to dance? I need some lessons! – Visualization is so Real!

They say Camel I say Lady of the South West?

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